setting up finally

September 7th, 2010 + 9:09 AM  ·  kam


well i have finally manged to get a bit of time to do a single project. I bought a Samson C01 mic, a hybrid smallish mixer and the cables only. I have a p4 3ghz processor and 2gig ram. Am using fl 9 and maybe using reason 4 for some instruments. I got adobe 1.5 mainly for editing and i was just wondering if i could say i can do a complete demo with these. I may occassionerlly borow a midi keyboard. I have done a few recordings and initially things will sound ok but after adding some effects, the voice sounded cartoonish like from a phone.
I record using reaper and i hope to work with these and some additions that yu may suggest. Can i say this is enough for a small home studio? i mean just something starting out.



July 1st, 2010 + 4:07 AM  ·  kam


Helo guys i just want to find out how people create those string like gated sounds like the morden sounds being used by guys like Timberland or sounds like the fl studio 9 sequence sytrus called gated gold. Those kind of gated shacky but stringy sounds. I tried with fl but i failed and i thought that its logic or some vst instruments, but which one?


daw recording and set up

January 18th, 2010 + 11:01 AM  ·  kam


Well i am now really thinking of getting seriuos and maybe produce my first album. I use Fl Studio for beats, Reaper for vocals and sometimes Fl Studio and Reason rewired.
I just wanted to find out from you people out there which softwares do you use and what kind of set up.
My Pc is not very bad even though it's not a dual core. I would have prefared a single software for both beats and vocals. I am on PC so i have tried Fl Studio but am not just happy with it's audio recording. Rewire consumes CPU and rendering beats then recoding vocals is my last option. I have downloaded A demo of Propellerhead's Record and i do not know if anyone has tried it yet. It seems promising.



what mastering softwares do you use

September 10th, 2009 + 5:09 AM  ·  kam

Hello i have been making beats for about 5 years and i am thinking of spending some of my time mastering the beats. I just want to know which mastering softwares do you use and which mastering software can do me a good job. I have tried izotope's ozone 3 and i am now looking for a software to use with the izotope's ozone plug in.

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fruity loops 7 problem

September 7th, 2009 + 9:09 AM  ·  kam


I am still very new to the forum and i need some help. I have been using fruity loops 7 for about five years and i have been havin this seriuos problem. Sometimes fruity will just say the file is corrupt or a plug in caused a problem when i try to open my project file. This has happened to me a number of times and this time i was seriously affected because fruity could not open a project i had worked on for the whole week. Usually, when this happens fruity will not open the project again.
Also is it posssible for me to slave another software e.g reason when fruity is slaved to reaper. I use reaper for recording audio and reason 3 as a virtual instrument for some instruments. It happens that sometimes i make beats with fruity and reason rewired but i can not open the two rewired when fruity is rewired to reaper when recording vocals. Hope it makes sense

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